The Momentum Optimization Project List: They’re Rules, Not Guidelines.

Make a list, and check it twiceHere’s the rules we use:  (not guidelines!):


  • You have read real text (not comics) for at least 25 minutes
  • All your homework is done (one item may wait until morning with approval from Mom/Dad)
  • You have marked the calendar with any upcoming tests or deadlines, and made an appointment to study with Mom/Dad
  • You have done something creative, active, or productive for at least 45 minutes
  • Your bed is made and your room is tidy
  • You have done at least one chore (see chore list below)

And here’s the chore list:

  • Clean a bathroom (completely)
  • Brush Sparky
  • Clean out Ron’s cage
  • Do your laundry (wash/fold/put away)
  • Quick yard clean up: poop patrol and pick up any litter
  • Clean your room (really clean it: dust/vacuum)
  • Change and wash your sheets
  • Tidy up the Room of Requirement
  • Do the dusting: At least two rooms
  • Pickup boogie: Go through every room in the house and find everything that belongs to you that is out of place and put it away (shoes? books? coats).
  • Purging boogie: Find five to ten things (clothes, books, whatever) that belong to you but which you do not want or cannot use anymore; throw them away or put them in the donate box
  • Put away or load up dishes in the dishwasher
  • Do the food shopping with Mom
  • Do errands with Mom