The Importance of defining your terms: Cleaning the bathroom

The revised List has my kids each giving one bathroom a quick daily cleaning, in addition to a weekly cleaning. I’ve learned that they need a checklist, or else they’ll just look at it and shrug (“Looks clean to me.”). So, I’ve posted directions in each bathroom, and set each bathroom up with a set of cleaning supplies so there’s no excuses. And I’m hope the constant reminders to “put things away” will help us all to get a better handle on clutter. Husband and I will still have to clean the bathroom periodically–but it should be less of a chore for us if the kids take on some of the regular tasks. Here are my directions for the kids:

I'm making them do a very quick wipedown each weekday, and then a heavier cleaning will go into the chore rotation. I'm sure they won't do it perfectly, but I hope it will get them into the habit of keeping the bathrooms clean.



3 thoughts on “The Importance of defining your terms: Cleaning the bathroom

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  2. I remember my mom telling me to clean my room and going through the same thing (“looks fine to me”). I think when you are very specific you make it easier for everyone. It’s not always obvious to others what “clean” really means. Great post!

  3. Managing bathroom accessories with caddies, dispensers, trickle trays etc. does the half of my cleaning for me. I don’t like more stuffs inside my bathroom and this gives me lot of free space and easy-to-clean space. Better Living ON has got some great collection which will be of great help, do check them out.

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